Advisory Solutions
optimising your merchant business
Advisory and implementation support of payment options and suppliers
Fraud analysis and monitoring
Web compliance audit and maintenance
High transaction volume management
Pricing comparisons and optimization
Mids management

We integrate with your team to become part of your organization. We roll our sleeves up and assist with the identification and implementation of all agreed payment services and or features; identified and agreed as a means to enable your business to grow, ensure stability, and continue to offer the best customer experience, optimizing your return on investment.

These services can be supplied on a specific project/initiative basis or we can be retained as online processing advisors to your business.

Advisory Services
• Complex situations can be addressed to optimize business performance
• Advice on optimum payment methods
• Provision of latest fraud matters
• Full compliance Web audit

Risk Management
• Absolute compliance with scheme rules
• Payments guaranteed via simple and secure “payment wall”
• Completely secure operating environment
• Significant reduction in “charge backs”
• Confidentiality

• Increased productivity (reduced R/mgt focus)
• Expansion opportunities into new global markets
• Customer retention due to improved merchant’s customer experience